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2020 Annual Mother & Daughter Conference

Posted: 03.01.20

Thank you for all the wonderful ladies that attended this year's event! 

Thank you to all the women and girls that helped make this year extra special by sharing a testimony, song, or a warm hug.

See you in October for our Ladies Gathering!

Welcome 2020!!

Posted: 01.10.20

Kick this new year off church! 

Are you searching for something more in life?

Stop by and see what God has planned for you!

Are you looking for a local church?

Please come visit us!

2019 Music for Every Season Concert

Posted: 11.24.19

Thank you to all who helped make this evening a special one! 

Not only did we enjoy hearing godly music, we also celebrated our Pastor's 65th birthday! You could definitely feel a sweet sweet spirit in MABC last night :) 

Keep visiting the Calendar to see when you can hear the March Trio next at any of our events at MABC.

2019 Mother & Daughter Conference

UPDATED: 03.05.2019 (Posted: 10.23.18)

UPDATE: Our Mother & Daughter Conference went amazingly! Praise God! We had a great turnout; thank you to ALL ladies in attendance! We'll see you at our Annual Ladies Gathering October 10, 11 & 12.

The date for this year's Tender Places in the Heart Mother & Daughter Conference has been set! 

**Ladies, mark your calendars for Friday, March 1, 2019 @ 7pm.

Please share our invitation! We are less than a week away. Please keep us and all who will be in attendance in prayer.

Please check back here or visit our Calendar for any updates.

Music for Every Season Concert Canceled, Spring Concert 03.02.2019

UPDATED: 03.05.2019 (Posted: 11.2.18)

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone that attended our concert! We hope you were blessed. All honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Join us for an evening of singing with the March Trio!

*The date for this year's concert is TBD*

Please check back here or visit our Calendar for any updates.

Our Music for Every Season Concert was unfortunately canceled, but we are planning a Spring Concert! Date coming soon!

Winter Revival (Feb 3-8)

UPDATED: 02.15.2019 (Posted: 10.30.18)

UPDATE: Our Winter Revival was a blessing! Thank you to Dr. Gary Coleman and Pastor James Smith for the wonderful sermons and helping make this week a blessing to all that attended.

Our date for the next revival meetings have been set!

February 3-8, 2019, nightly @ 7pm

Dr. Gary Coleman, Senior Pastor Emeritus at Lavon Drive Baptist Church in Garland, TX, is going to be one of our preachers! 

Bro.  James Smith, Associate Pastor from Fundamental Baptist Church in Palmer, TX, will also be one of our preachers! Please keep these men and their families in your prayers. Thank you!

For more details, please visit our Calendar.

2019 Ladies Gathering Dates


Next year's date for our 17th Annual Ladies Gather has been announced! 

Please save the date: October 10-12, 2019.

2018 Ladies Gathering


Our 16th Annual Ladies Gathering was a blessing! Thank you to all that ​attended; your presence helped make this year's conference very special. All praise and honour to our Lord Jesus Christ! Please visit our website soon for details on our upcoming 17th Annual Mother & Daughter Conference!

For more information, visit our Ladies Gathering page.

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